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Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a Digital Token generated by Blockchain Technology based on Binance Smart Chain

About Blue Diamond?

Blue Diamond is a Digital Token generated by Blockchain Technology based on Binance Smart Chain. Blue Diamond aims to solve the problems of the modern world by providing some outstanding and unique services which other cryptocurrencies do not offer. Blue Diamond Token especially focusing on the tourism and small to medium entrepreneur by solving their problems. 

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Why Static?


Static rewards solves many problems. First, the amount of depends on the number of tokens traded. This mechanism is designed to alleviate downward selling pressure. Second, the reflection mechanism encourages holders to keep their tokens to obtain higher bribes based on the percentage received and depending on the total number of tokens  hold by the holders


Blue Diamond Token is not produced by trade association instead of any individual. There are many businesses confederation and different SME entrepreneurs have collaborated to support this ready to relase utility tokens.


Verification of Token Reliability 

There is proper channel which can verify and clarify the reliability of the tokens. Various organization  and members have formed an alliance with coins.

Activates of Coins

Blue Diamond will be most amazing coin for entrepreneurs. It will play a major role in developing their startups.  As we know the number of entrepreneurs are proving many different services through their organizations. 



5% on every buy or sell




Redistribute to all holders


Auto Liquidity


Development Wallet


Giveaway Wallet / Events


Advertising Wallet

Total Supply

5,000,000,000 BLUEs

Token Name

Blue Diamond






Phase 1

  • Release website
  • Whitepaper
  • 1000 holders
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Community giveaway
  • Competitions
  • NFT Packs giveaway
  • Initial development of DEX
  • Begin Beta Testing

Phase 2

  • 4000 holders
  • Press release on Yahoo Finance, Market watch, Forbes.
  • Smart contract audit (Company TBD)
  • Testing and further development of NFT/Game
  • Donation to Gaming Industry
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap

Phase 3

  • List on Bitmart & Lbank
  • Smart contract audit Certik
  • CEX listing
  • Major Advertising Campaign for NFT Presale
  • Start Creating our own NFT Market Place
  • Top Rated Influencer Partnerships
  • Begin Construction Of Mobile Game
  • 15000 holders
  • Create staking pool

How To Buy


You’re going to need a wallet first and foremost! metamask.io/ offers the most popular and functional option on the market, all available in a browser extension.


Next up, gas. Head to trustwallet.com/ which should provide you the opportunity to buy some Smart Chain BNB. Send that to your Metamask wallet, and you’re ready to trade on Binance Smart Chain.


Head to exchange. pancakeswap. finance/ and click on “Connect or Unlock Wallet” at the top right corner to connect your Metamask wallet. Follow the prompts and allow PancakeSwap to view your accounts and addresses.


Click on “Select a currency” above where it currently says
“Enter an amount” and paste in the token contract address: Address of Bluediamond.


Press the settings button that you see at the top right corner of the center panel. Adjust slippage to 11% to account for Bluediamond. (In case the volume is high, you can increase the slippage in order to confirm your transaction!)

What is the contract ID?


How does Bluediamond?

Bluediamond taxes a total of 6% on every transaction which goes is subdivided into two parts:

A 1% of sales transactions is redistributed back to all Bluediamond token holders.

A 5% of the tokens are used for small business loans, home loans, real estate development and education. All voted for buy Bluediamond holders.

Donations to the organizations will also be voted on by our community Bluediamond holders. We will designate a separate charity wallet to ensure the money will be spent only on charity. Proof of charitable donations will be provided in our Telegram chat.

Is Liquidity Locked?

Liquidity is locked for 1 year

What does it mean to have ownership?

Our contract address has been verified on BSC scan.